1. C

    How to connect a 3-wire audio in/out to a Microseven M7WP-MIC microphone and speakers?

    Hi, I have a Dahua DH-SD1A404XB. The audio in/out connection is just 3 wires (red, white, black). It looks like this below. How does that connect to the Microseven M7WP-MIC microphone? The microphone has a 12V input DC barrel input, and RCA connector for audio. The microphone comes with a...
  2. D

    Camera Comparison Help Please N24CG52 VS T5241TM-AS Turret

    I have kind of settled in on a couple of N24CG52 Dahua cams. looks to do all what I would ask of them, but was recommended the IPC-T5241TM-AS, I am looking in a Dahua US catalog from 2018 and would like to compare, wondering what the US # is for the T5241 #, so if anyone can fill me in on the...
  3. N

    DS-2CD2425FWD-IW - noise (screeching) when using camera speaker

    The speaker on my DS-2CD2425FWD-IW camera produces a screeching noise when I turn on the microphone symbol on the iVMS-4500 app on the iPad (to try to speak through the camera). The noise occurs whether the camera microphone is set to on or off on iVMS-4500 (i.e., speaker symbol on iVMS-4500 set...
  4. ethaniel

    SOLVED: Hikvision microphone static noise/humming which starts right after the boot sequence is done

    I own a Hikvision DS-2DE4225IW-DE PTZ camera. I decided to connect an external microphone to it and noticed electric noise/humming coming through it. At first I thought that it was my faulty wiring of the microphone. However, I've also noticed that there is no noise during the booting process...
  5. T

    Does it Exist?

    Is there such a thing as a POE Microphone only?
  6. anishjp

    Connect microphone to Hikvision NVR

    Hi guys I have a Hikvision DS-2CD2055FWD-I camera connected to my Hikvision DS-7108NI-SN/P NVR. The video live view and recording works perfectly. Now I want to record audio. I purchased a microphone (attached picture) and connected its power cable to a 12VDC power supply and its RCA cable to...
  7. B

    Questions about reasonable sound from an IP camera.

    Hello Everyone. Does anyone know if there are IP cameras that are good enough to pick up the sound of my dogs barking at about 100 feet? I have no need for a surveillance system, and I don't want my neighbor to think I'm spying on them, so the camera will be aimed at my propane gauge so I...
  8. M

    Which IP Cam for my Project?

    Hello, I've searched a lot for IP Cams with an API/SDK, but I'm not sure which camera fit's best for my project. AXIS? Instar? Vivotek? LevelOne? Other? I would be very thankful, if someone can recommend a camera for my requirements. I'm very unsure... Requirements: Good WEB SDK/API to...
  9. M

    Need help building system WITH microphone

    Long story short we have a creepy neighbor who will yell between 1-4am waking my family up. The problem neighbor is behind our house, where our garages face each other and there is an alley in between. I have been trying to research cameras, NVRs, software as well as mobile viewing of cameras...
  10. B

    After a cheap microphone for my 2412's

    Hi all, Got 4x DS-2CD2142FWD-IS dome cameras running in my place, and 1x mini dome (already with audio). After hearing the audio coming from the mini dome, I've decided I'd like to enable the audio on the others. I'm after something relatively cheap, happy to go eBay or similar. Can anyone...
  11. R

    Microphone for DS-2CD2112F-IWS, any recommendations?

    Hi I'm new to this forum. I have had the above camera for a year and half. Works like a charm. I would however, like to add audio to it and a bit at a loss about what microphone to chose, I don't even know where to begin looking :rolleyes:
  12. nayr

    Bullet Mic Review

    Ive tried alot of cheap lil powered microphones, they all work pretty good and I've been happy with them.. that is until I got one of these: MicroSeveM7WP-MIC Amazon.com : Microseven M7WP-MIC waterproof outdoor Microphone for M7B57-WPS / M7B57-WPSE Or Any IP Network Security & Surveillance...
  13. O

    Microphone and Speaker for Bosch IP-camera

    Hello. I recently purchased a Bosch Autodome IP 5000 IR camera. The camera has 3 I/O for audio; Audio IN, Audio OUT and Audio GND. All three wires are 0.75mm2. I need a speaker and a microphone to have a 2-way communication-setup between the camera-operator and the people in front of the...
  14. N

    POE powered hikvision 12v output possibiliities?

    I have DS-2CD3145F-IS and it is powered via POE, I need to get 6 ~ 12v out for microphone, possible in any way? if not, then I have to run power cable for camera. :D:cool:
  15. Z

    Hikvision DS-2CD2642FWD-IS audio

    I got this Hikvision http://www.hikvision.com/us/Products_1_10534_i7722.html, English version, firmware version: V5.3.8 I got the same mic in the attached picture. I got this cheap mic to practice, if it works I will get a nicer one if needed. I cut both end cables on the mic and connected the...
  16. N

    hikvision MicIn and LineIn issue

    Hello, I would like to hook up a mic to these two cameras: 2CD2135F-IS (firmware 5.3.6. build 151221) 2CD2942F-IWS (firmware 5.3.3. build 151016) Unfortunately I cannot switch the audio from LineIn to MicIn On my third camera (2CD21FWD-IS, firmware 5.3.8. build 151224) I do have the choice...
  17. patrocle

    Adding Microphone and Speaker to a Poe Cam under BI - Wiring and Settings Need Advice

    Note what i want to achieve: >Install a poe camera at my front door and to have this 2 options: 1.A microphone to hear what people talk.(I should hear them to my pc under my BI Software or on my iphone BI app.) 2.A speaker so i can talk back to them (Using my iphone Bi app or maybe my pc) My...
  18. nayr

    How-To: Audio Inputs

    Someone asked for very detailed instructions a while back, so I made sure to take pictures the next time I had a chance. Equipment: Powered Microphone with power passthrough Male to Male RCA Coupler 12v PoE Splitter Requires: PoE Camera with 12v Barrel Plug & RCA Audio Input Junction...
  19. I

    I need help to connect a microphone! DAHUA HDBW4421R-AS

    Hello group, I bought a camera DAHUA HDBW4421R-AS (http://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Dahua-4Mp-IPC-HDBW4421R-AS-IP-camera-network-camera-DH-IPC-HDBW4421R-AS-Support-POE-Micro/32409416351.html?isOrigTitle=true) and this NVR4108H-P recorder...
  20. sparc

    Mic Humming / Issues on Hikvision IP PTZ 2DE7184-A

    Hello everyone, First post here.. My father & I installed this camera on the top of a telephone pole.. Long story, but it was a telephone phone installed by the power company for the previous owner of the property to establish & watch an osprey nest. The owner had power dug to the middle of...
  21. J

    DS-2CD2532F-IS sound on stream ?

    So from what I understand camera DS-2CD2532F-IS has a built in mic. My question is : Will the sound be recorded near video stream ? Or the sound will be available only when you are connected into camera web interface ?
  22. A

    Connecting passive microphone to Hikvision DS-2CD2132F-IS dome camera audio terminal

    Hi all, I have a question about Hikvision audio terminal, just got few DS-2CD2132F-IS cameras, but their audio input is something different than I was expecting. The task is to connection 3.5" audio extention lead with passive mic to the camera to allow recording with sound. Seems...
  23. S

    connecting pre-amp microphone to ip camera without additional 12v 802af

    Hello guys.i have a hikvision mic enable (not internal) camera.i like preamp microphone cause they gain more sound even the target is 10 mt away. you need 12v to work them which is not a problem with analog cams. my solution is for those WHO use 802af injectors which extands the length.i have...
  24. T

    Hikvision 2 way audio help

    First off, I'm psyched that there is a forum here to help people like me and others, thank you! A friend of mine who owns a tripe A mini storage facility, had a ton of break-ins last summer. I have decided to help solve this problem by installing a network of IP cameras which reports back to a...
  25. J

    Hikvision DS-2CD2132F-IWS microphone

    Hello, I have bought IP camera Hikvision - DS-2CD2132F-IWS there is a connector audio in and G I bought two different cheap unpowered electret microphone with two wires I try connect it to hikvision audio connector in camera settings I have tried mic in and line in option also tried change /...
  26. M

    Add external audio to IP cam with Blue Iris

    I want to be able to add external microphones to our blue iris system and join them with particular camera feeds in Blue Iris. What's the best way to do this? I was hoping there would be IP mics available but I haven't seen any.... Do you need to have mulitiple sound cards and use analog...
  27. B

    Trying to add a microphone to a Hikvision Dome Cam

    Hi. I'm surprised to find so little documentation on this. But I'm basically trying to connect this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002S4G870/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 to this: http://www.hikvision.com/en/products_show.asp?id=8724 Using this cable...
  28. T

    Talk to Camera Function with Hikvision Cameras

    I have the Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW which has an internal microphone and speaker and from the hikvision software/camera website I can be remote and use the camera as an intercom system. Blue Iris seems to support this function through the desktop server software via the mic icon at the bottom...